Device Recognition API (3.1.0)

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Fingpedia v3 offers a complete and structured suite for Device Recognition and Software Normalization, along with a suite to access to the catalog for gatheirng a lot of value-added information associated. Software Normalization API and Catalog API belong to different

API has been split in two suite:

  • Identification API

Set of endpoint to qualify a set of network data. The MAC address is mandatory, while other protocols (DHCP, HTTP, mDNS, ...) are optional. The recognition object now return unique identifier (numerical) for type, make, model and operating system. The API has been enhanced with the possibility to send recognition hints.

  • Software Normalization API

Set of endpoint to qualify a list of raw information about software installed on a device. The process architecture and the operating system are mandatory information to attach to the software inventory.

The authentication model API-key based. Any license has been assigned its own key. JWT token is available for premium customer upon request.

Management API